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There are some great possibilities of using your vr Headset to view 3d surround content even movies.
One wonderful 3d surround video player is vrPlayer ( , ).
Real world content can be recorderd with panocam 3D ( ).

I got some great help at the blender conference 2014 how to create an equirectangular movie rendering. Although the results with vrPlayer looked great first, I suspected there were some problems because the player has the correct 3d information when looking to the initial direction – let’s call it North. But when you look East or West it doesn’t have this information because the camera recording points (your eyeballs) are behind each other. When you turn around finally and look South the 3D information is wrong. It looks like squinting. Things farther away pop out. Have a look at the diagram with the eyeballs looking Nort, East and South. vrEyesDiagram.A

After some time I wondered if it might be possible to render parts of the image from the correct angle and join them.
During an iterative process I developed a vrTestcard done in blender for your vr headset that can be used with vrPlayer. Continue Reading

3futurezHolodeckMusicalFullHD3futurez is the sequel to the GameW0rldz scifi novel and a huge scale project including versions as written novel as well as a holodeck musical.

It covers the next 1000 years of mankind and is (despite some fun stuff) a quite realistic future vision – utopian as well as dystopian.

The essence is the philosophy: If mankind wants to qualify for a 22nd century worth living in we must focus on the old virtues of chivalry and wisdom and take brave steps forward.

Prototyping began with the end of GameW0rldz end 2012 and is on a good way. Check out for stunning details of this leading edge endeavour.

GameW0rldz was the first project of Gordon’s Arcade and started end of 2010.

It is the science fiction debut novel by Chuck Ian Gordon published in German end of 2012 and later end of 2013 in English available as paperback and as eBook.

GameW0rldz is about a wild hunt of artificial intelligences through multiplayer game worlds continuing in the real world after they uploaded themselves into robot bodies.

Dangerous, right? But guess who the good and bad guys are…

Oh yes – and GameW0rldz is the prequel to the 3futurez scifi novel and holodeck musical.

For details check out