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NEW: 27th of February 2016: You can order Alex Astronaut ABC Posters in English uppercase or lowercase handwriting now.

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Poster UPPERCASE on Poster LOWERCASE handwriting on

Watch my son right after he discovered the prototype poster of the Alex Astronaut ABC. The version you can buy is way more brilliant. Yet my four and a half year old son immediately started singing the alphabet song (in German). This was very heart warming for me after the lot of work I put into it.

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3futurezHolodeckMusicalFullHD3futurez is the sequel to the GameW0rldz scifi novel and a huge scale project including versions as written novel as well as a holodeck musical.

It covers the next 1000 years of mankind and is (despite some fun stuff) a quite realistic future vision – utopian as well as dystopian.

The essence is the philosophy: If mankind wants to qualify for a 22nd century worth living in we must focus on the old virtues of chivalry and wisdom and take brave steps forward.

Prototyping began with the end of GameW0rldz end 2012 and is on a good way. Check out for stunning details of this leading edge endeavour.