Finished Projects

finished projects of Gordon’s Arcade

October 14th 2017: My 2017 book is finished.

“The Cinematic VR Formula” is “A Beginner’s Guide to creating Virtual Reality Movies” available as eBook as well as paperback. ( ISBN-13: 978-3944218113 )

I put more than two years of work into it. The book holds a blueprint for creating a VR Movie production pipeline and thinks ahead of VR headsets.
Rather than only headsets I expect many windows to open into this world including light field displays and holographic projections.

The future will be 3D – you may call it the AR-Cloud or the Mixed-Reality-Platform. Some call it USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality).
It is the platform our interactive immersive experiences run on and provide a bidirectional exchange of information, motions and emotions.

Have fun reading and create amazing VR movies!

Kind regards
Chuck Ian Gordon

P.S.:  As the print quality of some images makes it difficult to read the text due to rasterization, I provide all images of the book online for download as PDF.

GameW0rldz was the first project of Gordon’s Arcade and started end of 2010.

It is the science fiction debut novel by Chuck Ian Gordon published in German end of 2012 and later end of 2013 in English available as paperback and as eBook.

GameW0rldz is about a wild hunt of artificial intelligences through multiplayer game worlds continuing in the real world after they uploaded themselves into robot bodies.

Dangerous, right? But guess who the good and bad guys are…

Oh yes – and GameW0rldz is the prequel to the 3futurez scifi novel and holodeck musical.

For details check out